Specialization: Building tech teams with the buyout option in 6 Eastern European countries.
Budgets: 6-8K total monthly cost / senior engineer, minimum a team of 4 is required.
Typical team: TL/CTO, FE, BE, QA, PO/UX
Main domain: Payments, Banking, Logistics, Automotive, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, telecom, hospitality.
Subdomains: banking and finance, logistics and supply chain, telecommunications, e-commerce
Location: USA, UAE, Israel, Spain, Netherlands, Israel,

About company

Usoftware is not one more outsourcing agency.

We align the interests of the best Eastern European engineers and great companies by matchmaking them. Our BOT (Build, Operate Transfer) model is transparent and drastically differs from others. Not only 90% of hires we make are senior engineers, but none of our clients treat us as the service provider; we are their partners and friends who build their teams and transfer ownership if required. This sets us apart from others and lets us work with the most impressive brands, who would never work with the service company.

We are happy to share more details in person with anyone interested, as our C-Level team is based in London, Berlin, Chicago, and Dubai, so we stay close to our clients.

We are reliable. See it for yourself!

Leave your request for technological solutions, and we will get in touch with you! You can also directly submit your inquiry for cooperation with a specific company from our association.

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