Specialization: Geodata, GIS, Interactive map development
Budgets: Proof of concept, PoC $10,000+, Minimal Viable Product 20,000+, GIS custom development $50,000+
Main domain: Interactive map development, spatial data visualization, big geodata analysis.
Sub domains: database design, spatial data capture and verification, spatial data analysis, data cleaning and quality audit, geospatial modeling and analysis, data integration, GIS web & app development,cartography, geo rectification and georeferencing, vectorization, indoor mapping
Services: Crafting dynamic interactive maps, Breathing life into data through visualization, Navigating the intricate landscape of geodata conversion, Translating visions into indoor maps and floor plans, Unleashing transformative geospatial analysis, Weaving stories through cartography, Resurrecting maps with precision digitization, Tracing intricate map data, Surveying the realm of cadastre, Mastering the art of route maps
Locations: USA,Canada, UK,, Switzerland, Australia, Middle East

About company

Mappitall is a GIS development company with 15+ years of experience and a successful worldwide portfolio in cartography and complex GIS web development.

We help our clients make sense of mountains of complex location data, retrieve and visualize all types of geographic and spatial data, and build a modern cartography solution in line with their business needs.

Our toolkit boasts an arsenal of PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Node.js, Django, QGIS, UMN Mapserver, Leafletjs, gvSIG, JOSM, ArcGIS Online, Mapbox GL, and HERE Map JavaScript API.

Our linguistic versatility encompasses PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

When it comes to formats, we’re fluent in Shapefile, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, KML, and Vector Tiles (mbTiles, .PBF).


“I appreciate their deep understanding of the tasks and commitment to delivering superb GIS on time and within budget.”

Sergey Litvinenko, Founder & Chief Strategist, Geosphere LLC, USA

“Their expertise genuinely helps us meet our customer’s demands.”

Kamil Kluza, CPO, Climate X, United Kingdom

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